Beyond Active Learning paper published in PLOS-One

I’m very excited to say that two of us are part of this new paper published that focuses on how 3D Learning may be an critically important step beyond just engaging in active learning. It was only possible due to a large group of contributors led by Melanie Cooper. Check out the link below. Beyond…

Final Publication to Wrap up ChemSims!

All good things must come to an end. Although the funding for this project wrapped up a couple of years ago, we just put out the expected final publication on this project. It is a bit of a practitioner focused publication that summarizes much of the work that we have done and how it might…

Future presentation

It has been a couple of weird years, but the ChemSims group will be doing more presentations. We will have a presence at the National ACS meeting in Spring 2022. There will be a couple of opportunities to catch up on what we have been doing. We will be presenting in the Chem Ed poster…

Undergraduates presenting at ACS April 10

We are so excited that two of our outstanding undergraduates will be presenting on the ChemSims project at the American Chemical Society National meeting! Lizzy and Shanna will do doing an all-star tag team poster presentation on April 10th starting at 4pm EDT. You can get more information here. They will be in Hall B…

Atomic Interactions published in J Chem Ed

We are really excited that our work on Atomic Interactions was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Education. Extra congratulations to our (now graduated) undergraduate researcher, Alec Shrode who is a coauthor. Check out this exciting work on the JCE website.

X-DBER 2021 – Catch us there

Deborah Herrington and Ryan Sweeder will be presenting on our work at the XDBER conference. Join our poster presentation at the conference on Wednesday March 3rd from 2:30-3:50pm EST. Find out more about the conference here

More new content!

We recently used the principles of this research project to create two new screencasts, one for Atomic Emissions at an atomic level and a second exploring the Photoelectric Effect. Both have been developed using the excellent simulations from PhET.

More resources available!

Given the needs of the educational community to use more online materials, we have made our in-progress assignments available on this site. You can now download the assignments for acids, equilibrium and gases. We will be looking to make these all available as online fill-in forms soon.

Cancelled presentations

In the time of COVID-19, it is unsurprising that our upcoming presentations have been cancelled. Unfortunately there will be no BCCE 2020. We have plans to present at the Fall ACS National Meeting, but we will see if that actually happens.